Packing for International Shipping

The Sizzle Snuggler: Packing for International Shipping

As a new business we are working very hard to make international shipping cost-effective for you. We appreciate the international interest in our brand so to cut international shipping costs by over half, we efficiently pack our dog beds.

We vacuum pack the inner of The Sizzle Snuggler, this is common practice for dog beds and, after running multiple tests, we are confident the inner fibres restore back to their natural "plumpness".

When your bed is delivered, simply open the top of the bag and let the air flow in. After this, it's plumping time. Push and plump the edges of the cushion in from each side, restoring a balanced shape and plumpness to the cushion.

Then pop the cover on and you're good to go. After a few days the fibres will fully relax and spring back to their original shape.